Høst/vinter 2019

Ink Blue, a dark blue tint which creates endless depth. Combine with white marble and dried flowers

Purple, blue and grey autumn winter inspiration. Purple tray, blue vase, paint can, hand holding bow

Combine two colours on one wall by using fabric as panelling and paint the fabric with red lime pain

Create a stunning interior by combining two strong colours as orange and purple: Dry Terra and Plum

Bohemian Vintage, a warm purple-ish grey colour. Combined with warm terracotta Dry Terra

1. Caramel – When the leaves start to change colour, then you know, fall has made its entrance. Let’s welcome it by collecting the fallen leaves, in all its colourful diversity.

2. Dry Terra – The weather is changing, and with the arrival of the autumn rain, the ground changes its colours from light orange to dark red and brown.

3. Marsala – Grab a blanket, a cup of tea, and enjoy the warmth. Full of passion and comfort.

4. Plum – An energetic colour to fire up the dark days. Deep and intense.

5. Bohemian Vintage – Thunder, rain, and endless clouds. It is cold outside, but inside we make it cosy and warm. Enjoy the gloomy days with reading, movies, or your favourite game.

6. Ink Blue – When the night falls, the sky slowly changes its hue into a deep blue tint. Let the colour take you away, from blue to black, and where to go next?

7. Blue – Blue skies are even brighter when it is freezing. The air feels clear, thin and you can breathe it all the way ‘till your toes. Like it is lifting you. Fill yourself with energy.

Pure & Original new collection autumn winter colours

Ønsker du fargeveiledning, kan du booke time via våre facebook side eller ta kontakt med oss via vårt skjema.



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